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    Tarts with Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Jelly, Amaretto Cookies and Cream with Radicchio Grappa

    "Oh... how sweet it is!"


    For the tarts: use a blender to mix the leaves, butter, and sugar.

    Add the eggs, yeast, vanilla seeds, lemon zest and finally, the flour.

    Wrap in plastic wrap and let sit in the refrigerator for twenty minutes. Roll out the dough on a pastry board and line ten tart molds already buttered and floured.

    Pierce the dough and cover the bottom with radicchio jelly.

    Bake at 170 °C for about twenty minutes. Remove from the oven and cover the surface of each tart abundantly with crumbled amaretto cookies. Sprinkle with plenty of powdered sugar and allow to cool so that the heat evaporating from the tart clings to the cookies.

    For the cream: beat the egg yolks with the sugar, mix in the potato starch, dilute with hot milk and cook in a double boiler.

    Add the butter, reduce the temperature and add the grappa.

    To serve: gently place each tart in the center of a plate.

    Pour a drizzle of cream around the tart and garnish with lines of colored isomalt and serve.

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