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    “Raici and fasioi” – Pinto Bean Soup

    "an old Treviso farmhouse snack"
    Preparation   Sauté the celery, carrots, chopped onions, and unpeeled garlic. Remove the garlic and add the beans and squeezed peeled tomatoes. Add the cubed potatoes. Add the ham bone (or a piece of pork rind) to the broth and simmer until the beans are cooked soft***. Season with salt and black pepper. Allow to cool. The next day, ladle some warm soup (some even like it cold) into a bowl, add the cut radic- chio, seasoned with salt, black pepper and olive oil. Serve.   Trivia: in Veneto every family prepares bean soup differently according to the ingredients available, but above all according to their traditional methods. The dish is best the day after it is prepared. This recipe is a traditional farm meal made of leftovers. Soup that was left over from the previous day was served in this manner. Other types of radicchio may also be used, according to taste.