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    Carpaccio of Tender Beef in an Orange Marinade with Radicchio Rosso di Treviso Salad

    "a persuasive and elegant dish"
    Preparation Remove the fat from the round steak. Slice thin (about one mm thick) and place on a baking sheet greased with extra-virgin olive oil. Cover with a sauce made from orange juice and extra-virgin olive oil. Cover with cellophane and allow to marinate for approx. one hour. Prepare the mayonnaise by using a whisk to emulsify the salted egg yolk slowly adding the peanut oil. After it is set add the filtered orange juice and blend in the semi-whipped cream. Clean and dry the radicchio thoroughly. Assemble the dish by placing one or two slices of carpaccio on the plate and then gently arranging the tufts of the radicchio salad for visual effect. Garnish with a slice of peeled orange cut into segments and edible flowers to taste. Season the edges of the slices of meat with a little mayonnaise and sprinkle with a little Cervia sea salt. Drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and serve.